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                      A firm Regulatated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations - 2018

Cargo - Hull & Machinery - P & I Surveyors 
Marine Loss Specialists
 - International Litigation Support

Serving the Worldwide Maritime Community of Marine Underwriters
Admiralty Law Firms - Banks - Ship Operators & Charterers

 Named by Lloyd's Fairplay Shipping Magazine as, "SHIPPING'S DANGER MAN"

             2017 - 2018 International Admiralty & Maritime Expert of the year                                                                                                                                                                  

 Chartered Surveyor (Admiralty & Maritime)
Fellow - The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

By Appointment: Non-Exclusive H&M and P&I Surveyor - British Marine -London

By Appoinment: Non-Exclusive P & I Surveyor - The American Club - New York

By Appoinment: Non-Exclusive Marine Claims Adjuster - Rosgosstrakh (RGS) Moscow (Russian Federation)

US Coast Guard / US Maritime Administration Certified MTSA - ISPS Code  Port Facility, Company & Vessel Security Officer 

Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity and Cargo Claims Evaluation and Investigations

Comprehensive Statutory & Regulatory Condition/Valuation Surveys - UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency Code of  Compliance Inspections -
Maritime Labour Convention - MLC 2006 Compliance Inspections

Pre-Survey Inspections - Non-Destructive Audio Gauging/Moisture Testing - Video & Digital Still Imaging Facilities  - FLIR Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Surveys/Inspections

Maritime Fraud and Theft Investigations
LIfetime Achievement Award for Surveys & Loss Adjusting (Presented at Lloyd's of London 2017)
Fellow: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects-UK

RICS Fellow: Accredited Valuation Appraisals of Yachts & Ships - Worldwide

Fellow: The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors

Fellow: The Society of Diagnostic Engineers

37 year member of the YDSA
As a result of YDSA incompetent management and unqualified surveyors linked to injuries and deaths of sailors

ISM / STCW / ISO 9000/9001 Consultant QMS 2000 Internal Auditor (Maritime) 
P & I Surveys

National Panelist: American Arbitration Association
Member: the Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters
Litigation Support to Plaintiff & Defense Counsel
Domestic and International Courtroom Experience - Qualified as an expert in the United Kingdon under CPR35 & PD35

By Appointment to London Underwriters and Other Major Insurance Markets

By Appointment: Marine Consultant to the Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service, US DOT Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the US General Services Administration.

By Appointment Official Maritime Consultant to the Government of Mauritius

Detention Appoinment: Flag Surveyor to the Maritime Administration of Jamaica

Published Author:

The CHEEKI RAFIKI Tragedy - "Keel Bolt Integrity Failure: the Hidden Killer"
        The RINA's Ship & Boat International magazine Jan/Feb 2015
"Appraising the Appraiser" International standards in the valuation of yachts & ships 
                       The Superyacht Report Issue 155 July 2014

"Assessing the Assessors"
                       Royal Insttuion of Navl Architects: Magazine:
                       SHIP AND BOAT INTERNATIONAL Sept/Oct 2014

" Fables and Tales of the Unexpected - Cheque Mate"

"Floating Assets-World Values of Yachts & Ships"

"The Hull Identification Number: A Vessel's  Social Security Number..."

"Standard Practice of Ship Safety: The ISM and STCW Codes" Technical Papers
"Marine Forensic Engineering-Valid & Fraudulent Claims & Losses"

"Maritime Experts and The Federal Rules of Evidence"
'Gotcha'-International Marine Insurance Fraud and Conspiracy.

"The Naval Architect who wasn't."

"BREXIT - An Unseaworthy Situation."

'The Venezuelan Conspiracy' - Another clear and present danger to the USA. "Award winning National Finalist - Multicultural Non-Fiction - USA Best Books of 2007." The true story of the CIA and U.S. Coast Guard's secret mission to overthrow the government of Venezuela in a plot to install Hugo Chavez as President.


US Coast Guard / MARAD ISPS Code Certified Port Facility, Company & Ship Security Officer

Fellow - Chartered Surveyor (Admiralty & Maritime) The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Fellow - The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Consultant ISM Code/STCW-95/ISO 9000:9001 QMS 2000 Internal Auditor (Maritime) 

Master of Science Studies-Criminal Justice Management: Masters Thesis, 'Crime-Conspiracy-Cocaine-The Caribbean Connection' 

25 Years Experience UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency Code of Practice  Examiner - Small Passenger Vessels

USCG Continuity Document Merchant Marine Officer-Master

Fellow: The Society of Diagnostic Engineers-UK 

Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association
is NOT RECOMMENDED                                                                            As a result of YDSA incompetent management and unqualified surveyors linked to injuries and deaths of sailors                                                                                                      

Member: Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers-USA

Member: American Society of Naval Engineers

Fellow: The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors (UK)

National Panelist: The American Arbitration Association

Registered Maritime Expert - US Government Central Contractors Registration Database                                           

Member/Past Director of the International Association of Marine Investigators-1996 Marine Investigator of the Year

International affiliation with Rodgers & Associates of California - International Marine Surveyors, Certified Maritime Appraisers & Cargo Inspectors.

Yachts and Commercial Vessels to any Tonnage

In depth and comprehensive knowledge with rapid response throughout the Mediterranean Sea and all regions of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Providing a full range of professional services and expertise to marine underwriters, lending institutions, private yacht owners and/or operators of commercial vessels to any tonnage. Expert services in International litigation providing support to defense or plaintiff's counsel.

MLC 2006 & MCA Code of Compliance Inspections of Small Passenger Vessels
Extensive Experience with Multi-Hulls
Surveys and inspecions using Thermal Imaging (infrared) technology
Commercial Vessels to any Tonnage
Appraisal Valuations of Naval Vessels
BMW Oracle America's Cup Yachts USA 87 & USA 98 Damage Assessment
Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 'AZZAM' Damage Assessment
25.4 m Ferro-Cement Replica of HMS Bounty. Structural Condition & Valuation Survey.
Some surveys are more memorable than others.
DP World Caucedo, Dominican Republic - ISPS Code Risk Assessment
International Claims Experience
The Reverend of Caracas - Captain Courageous in Latin America
Cheque-Mate.... Fables and Tales of the Unepected




With the goal of a regime-change the Central Intelligence Agency believed that with Geary’s insertion as a senior officer in the country’s military establishment he would be well placed to act as a CIA NOC – a spy with no official cover. His mission was to covertly provide intelligence gathered through his unique friendships with the general officers of the country’s Navy, Army and Air Force. In possession of confidential, compromising and possibly damaging personal details, the CIA believed that the military forces of the country could be neutralized if they were opposed to the regime-change that would be brought about through an orchestrated coup d'état planned and paid for by the Agency. In reward for his spying efforts the CIA offers substantial payments from a slush-fund that will be paid through a numbered bank account in an off-shore jurisdiction. Following his refusal to become a spy for the Agency they embark on a program to discredit him and repeatedly attempted to kill him. A Deep Throat emerges from the shadows of Washington who provides information that leads to exposure of the CIA’s nefarious activities through a CNN - Cable News Network report. Prevailing in his lawsuit against the Government allowed him to tell the story of the CIA’s Venezuelan Conspiracy brought about because of Oil. The Reverend of Caracas is a fictionalized version of the saga

The CHEEKI RAFIKI Tragedy - "Keel Bolt Integrity Failure: the Hidden Killer"
Loss of the CHEEKI RAFIKI: Keel Bolt Integrity Failure - The Hidden Killer

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Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association                                                                                                                          NOT RECOMMENDED as a result of YDSA incompetent management and unqualified surveyors linked to injuries and deaths of sailors

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